Dino's Pizzeria

Numbers and counting

Make pizzas with your favourite toppings.


Math awareness

In the pizzeria, the focus is on numbers from 1-9 and the connection between numerals and quantity. Also: One to one correspondence (when counting a quantity, you must assign one and only one number to each object). The cardinal number principle (the last number you say when counting tells how many objects there are in total). The principle of irrelevant order (The order in which objects are counted doesn’t matter, the quantity is the same) .



Colored cardboard for the pizza “backdrop” and colored felt for the various toppings. Cards (orders) with pizza “recipes”.



Cut out pizzas and various pizza toppings. Make some orders forms where you can fill in toppings and numbers.



Play pizzeria. Use the order forms and make the correct pizzas for the customers How many toppings are on the pizza? Talk about the shapes of the different toppings.