Bibi's Pet Shop

Shapes and design

At Bibi’s Pet Store you can make your very own animals out of bisquits and other stuff you can eat.


Math awareness

Talk about shapes: Circles and ovals, squares and rectangles as well as triangles.



Biscuits in different sizes and shapes (e.g. biscuits for cheese, rice biscuits, vanilla biscuits, crisp bread). In addition: edible things for eyes, ears, noses, legs e.g. saltines, peanuts, raisins, slices of banana, carrot, kiwi or pepper.



Build animals out of the biscuits. Build an animal according to instructions. For example take a round biscuit. Put on two triangles of crisp bread as ears, etc.



Make an exhibition or a zoo with the animals. Talk about what shapes they are made of. Let your kid describe an animal with math words, and then try to guess which animal it is. Sort all the animals into groups of similar animals. For example, all those who have square bodies, or those who have triangular legs.