Before throwing something away we always consider – together with the Fuzzies, if we can build something out of it. The other day we found some bottle caps and toilet paper rolls on our table. We decided to build cars and play rally! If you want to play with us you just need to follow the instructions.

What you need:

– toilet paper roll
– piece of paper
– 4 bottle caps
– button and beads
– glue gun and scissors

To start making the car you have to paint the toilet paper roll and the bottle caps. Get an adult to help you cut a squared hole in the middle of the toilet paper roll (wait until the paint is dry!). Stick a piece of paper in the hole, that will work as the back of the seat. Now glue on the four bottle caps, they will serve as the wheels of the car. Add a button as a steering wheel and beads as spotlights if you want to. You can make as many cars as you want! You just need to use more toilet paper in order to have more toilet paper rolls!