Here at the Fuzzy House Office we never know how to keep order in all the things we have on our desks. There are pens, scissors, pencils, markers, erasers… the Fuzzies are very messy, and they never put stuff back, where they found it!

Today we want to build a cute pencil holder, so everything will be in one place, and we will always find, what we need! When we don’t use it, the fuzzies use it as an umbrella stand.

You can also build one for your desk – just follow the instructions!

You will need:

– a plastic bottle

– paint (acrylic, spray…)

– googly eyes

– pompoms

-scissors and glue gun

Ask an adult to help you cut the bottle in half and then have fun painting it. You can choose the colours you want! If you want to make a bunny, you can cut the ears from the other half of the plastic bottle or from a piece of paper. With the help of an adult attach them to the coloured bottle with the glue gun. Now comes the fun part: draw a face or attach googly eyes… we also used a pompom to make a small fluffy tail for our bunny! When you are done decorating, your new pencil holder is ready for use.