At the Fuzzy House office we like to make new friends. The Fuzzies like to make new friends too! So sometimes we build new friends together.
The other day Siena made cupcakes and she put one near to Chip, who was sleeping. She thought her friend would have loved one after waking up! Chip, while sleeping, started smelling the cupcake and his dreams became… food dreams! He imagined people with an egg instead of their head. They live in forests made of salad and whipped cream, and use bananas as boats. When he woke up he wanted to make real head people, like the ones in his dreams. Do you want to help him?

We want to show you how.

What you need:

– eggs
– paint
– paper
– scissors and glue

First of all, empty the eggs. Make two small holes on both sides of the eggs and while holding one egg at a time over a plate, blow in one of the holes. The yolk and the egg white will land on the plate (you can cook a tasty omelette if you want to!). Then download the template for the egg dresses that you will find at the bottom of this page and print it. You can paint your own dress or use one of the pre-painted ones. Glue them as shown in the pictures. Now draw a silly face on your egg and place it on the dress!

Open the image and download the pattern: