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What to do on a rainy day? We found some nice wooden clothespins and invited Siena and Chip over to make something funny out of them. Look what they came up with!



Who wants to be a pilot? Sure the Fuzzies love to look at the sky, watching clouds and planes passing by. And we love it too! Siena made this tiny plane with a clothespin, and we want to show you, how you can make one too.

You will need:

– a clothespin

– 5 icicle sticks

– colours

– glue gun

Take the clothespin and all the icicle sticks and paint them. You can free your creativity!

When the color is dry, with the help on an adult, glue 2 sticks on one side of the clothespin and 2 sticks on the other side. Break in half one of the sticks and glue it at the end of the clothespin, like you see in the pictures. If you want, you can add nice details to your plane, like two beads as its wheels.

This is it! The plane is ready to take off and depart for unknown territories! Where will it bring the Fuzzies?







Sometimes Chip spends hours in the garden looking at all the small insects in the grass. Ants, butterflies, bees and ladybugs: Chip likes all of them. But his favorite is the caterpillar. If you also like them, and you want to make a very special one, that can keep your drawings in order just follow these instructions.

You will need:

– a clothespin

– paint

– 4/5 pompoms

– googly eyes

– toothpick

– glue gun

Take the clothespin and color it. You can use acrylics, watercolours, markers, spray paint. Wait for the paint to dry and ask an adult to help you glue the pompoms on one side of the clothespin. Now attach the googly eyes on the first pompom. Break a toothpick in halves and stick them on the first pompom as little antennas. Now you can use your fluffy caterpillar to pinch drawings and papers together… or you can just play with it!